Tales of Washing Dishes

When I was in high school, I held quite a few jobs, but one of them which I particularly had some really interesting experiences at was working at an Italian called the Codfather. Yep, you read that right. I think the guy was a fiery fan of that movie we all know and love. The place was quite nice, not really upscale. You can’t be upscale if your place is inside a mall.

When I first started working there I did it because I heard many beautiful ladies come to eat there and on top of that, I also needed the money of course. I usually worked the weekends, so I’d come about four or six PM and work for about 6 to 8 hours. On my lucky days, I’d be opening up tomato cans for sauce, slicing cases of mushrooms, doing prep work or peeling a huge pot of onions.

The kitchen’s rhythm

Slowly, but surely, the pace would pick up and people would start coming in and order food. As expected, the dishes would also start to flow in fast, but what really bothered me is the heat generated by a full restaurant. I was sweating like a pig and for 6h to 8h straight all I could see were dishes in front of me. We also had the occasional customer that came in just minutes before closing time. But since we were always tired when such jokers would come in, it wasn’t unusual to slip this guy a “treat” in his plate. I’ll let you imagine what I mean by that. Luckily, by 10:00 PM everything would be declared satisfactory by the chef and we could go home.

Fun with the clients and the waitresses

Washing dishes – I have to admit – wasn’t a fun job, but there were the occasional instances when I’d really feel lucky to be where I was. The chefs, Steve and Vince were real jokers and had a lot of friends who would stop by our restaurant. One of them – the Senator – was always dropping by when he was drunk and it seems Vince and Steve loved making him special dishes. What I mean by that is that they’d add some very hot jalapenos or hot sauces in his dish without him knowing.

As you’d expect, the guy didn’t complain much then, but on one occasion he came back the next day telling us he wasn’t fond of breathing hellfire through his rear end, so if we could not make him extremely spicy dishes when he comes drunk at our restaurant, then he’d appreciate it. Honestly, we had a good laugh about this, especially because he has a funky voice that makes everything he says sound really funny.

Another fun thing we used to do was called the laughing spray. The thing is, there was no spray and no laughing involved. What we would do is drop very hot sauce on an extremely hot pan, so when the hot sauce touched the pan, it would immediately vaporize. I actually had this happen to me on multiple occasions when I failed to properly wash some dishes that the customers eventually complained about.

The thing is, Steve and Vince would play this trick on everyone in the kitchen. I can’t even imagine what the customers were thinking when they’d see our staff come out of the kitchen crying. My guess is that they thought the staff cut too much onion for the day. Hehe, I have to admit those days I worked at Codafther were very fun indeed!

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