Stories from the Kitchen: How Being a Cook Prepared me for Fatherhood

Tales of a cook: A good cook can be a good father

When I had my first kid, I got very scared. I always wanted to be a great parent and after watching her it seemed to be like a mission impossible. She was so tiny and delicate; and she kept on shaking and screaming all the time. However, I had only a single skill and that was cooking and dealing with tables. But at this stage what could be done, sell her the drinks or clean her bib and face in between the courses. When we started her weaning diet then in the beginning things were very struggling and it was like a war between me, my baby and the food. At the end the splashes of food were seen here there and everywhere. It was then another job to clean the spills. But it is very surprising that after few weeks’ things got very easy and all my cooking and waitering experience was enough to successfully deal with my baby. At the end, she was just a crying, egocentric and weepy human who only needed my attention and time throughout the day. Following are some lessons that you can use for handling your baby by using your cooking and waitering skills.

No matter how worst it is, do not lose your cool

Always remember that it does not really matter if your POS machine is out of order or stuck or table number 13 has just found a fly in their plate; you do not need to panic. The same staying cool thinking I applied on my fathering experience. Being a cook and waiter has taught me to ignore the noise around you. Like, my baby is crying at the moment but I am writing my tale.

Your bladder gets very strong

At our jobs, it happens to us that we need to go to the bathroom but there is no one around you to cover your duty. So, you have to wait and seal up your bladder like a bag and then you have to wait even for hours. You will glad to know that this strong bladder is going to help you a lot when you will become a parent. It is a fact that none of the parents would like to wake up their baby in order to maintain the peace around. Sometimes, it also happens that your baby is sleeping on your chest. In such situations, you need to wait for long to go to the bathroom.

You will only get friends that are in the same position

Thanks to the job of the cook and waiter, I do not find enough time to hang out with my friends. So, I only have friends who do work with me or who are in the same industry. Same is the situation with the parents, after having kids they are hardly left with any kid free friends. Even if they hang out with such friends they would never understand what they are talking about. The only thing cooks and waiters talk about is food, customers and service. Similarly, the only thing parents talk about is changing diapers, putting their baby to sleep and making them eat.

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